Great conversations are brilliant avenues for unstructured learning - they inspire, push the boundaries of thinking, enable people to find new growth dimensions and enrich the learning experience.

Most of us have an unending desire to explore, learn and grow. At different points in our life, we are either seekers or shapers of knowledge depending on the context. We recognize that there exists invaluable ‘moments of learning’ around every corner, that go untapped on most occasions.

We want to make great conversations accessible to everyone through a vibrant, small, safe and easy real-time audio platform that enables learning oriented people to seek and share experiences, knowledge and wisdom with others like them. A platform that provides access to multiple and diverse ‘moments' of learning.

In its most potent form, Mentza is every Aha moment that propels you on your path to continuous growth.

Join a community of growth-oriented people seeking, sharing and collaborating with each other to create Mentzas that propel everyone on their path to continuous growth.

Your quest for continuous learning and personal growth ends here.